Where Science Meets Beauty …

ClarityRx® products represent the perfect synergy of natural plant and food resources (nature’s pharmacy) along with the latest in cosmetic technology to produce clear, beautiful skin the healthy way. ClarityRx® believes that all skin types, colors and ages need to have key components in their home care to achieve clarity with their skin. Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate, Lubricate, Protect & Mask …

What Makes ClarityRx® Unique

Responsibly Sourced • Safe & Healthy • Plant-Based • Results-Driven
Paraben-Free • Sulphate/Phosphate Free • No Artificial Colorants, Fragrances
Free of Unnecessary Synthetic/Harmful Chemicals
No Extenders, Fillers, Bulk Ingredients
Concentrated Formulas • Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients
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