Terri Frost

Passion and purpose aligned to bring Terri Frost, owner of Faciality, where she is today. Terri’s two children and grandson root her in love, and Terri’s ability to care for others lends itself to her specialized work in skin care. She has curated a serene space where guests are immediately invited to forget the worries of the outside world. Her extensive knowledge and skills are then used to customize a service geared to address your needs and concerns. Terri’s keen ability to thoroughly analyze your skin allows her to treat and heal your complexion, as well as recommend an at-home regimen that is sure to give you newfound assurance in your skin. Maintaining the health of your skin is Terri’s primary focus, but her talent for listening intently, and providing a space to simply relax, is what makes your time at Faciality a unique experience. Terri looks forward to ensuring you stress less and feel confident about your skin.

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